You go out. You’re feeling good. You have a memorable time. An event like this is probably not going to happen again anytime soon. You’re glad you were there. There were some fun pictures taken too and you look forward to seeing them.

… If you’ll ever get to see them – right?
Have any of these ever happened to you?

1. Feeling self-conscious to ask to see the photo clicked of you

2. Having to ask your friends to send you the pictures they took

3. Having to wait for your friends to send their photos

4. Having to remind your friends to do so :

– Not getting to see all the pictures taken because:
– You can’t literally badger everyone to send them
– It’s impossible to keep track of who took which ones
– You don’t know all of the people who took them

5. Having to pass your phone around so your friends can see the photo(s) you took of them

6. Hoping your phone’s battery doesn’t run out by the time everyone’s done checking out the pictures

7. Hoping someone doesn’t swipe too far into your gallery or read a new message while doing so

8. Wanting to post a great photo from the event but not being able to because the person who took it (still) hasn’t sent it to you

9. Wanting to see all the snaps to relive the fun time you had but not being able to because you don’t have them

10. Having to send/receive the pictures through a platform that downgrades the quality of the images

11. Getting recurrent reminders from your friends to send the pictures you took

12. Having to send the photos you have to each individual person (because not everyone wants their pictures shared online or in a group), often via different platforms

13. All of the above


We call these the Snap rituals – all the inconvenient, embarrassing, annoying rituals we (think we) have to follow just to get the pictures that were taken from when we went out.

But here at Hapcam we’re redefining the rules, and making photo sharing instant, conveniently simple, and a hell of a lot of fun. Because once you download this free mobile app, this is all you need to do:

Open the app and select the friends with whom you’d like to share the photos/videos you’ll soon be taking. Then, use the app to shoot those photos/videos.

That’s it.

When you click a picture with your phone and approve it, the friends you chose immediately receive that photo on their phones. And when your friends get clicker-happy, Hapcam makes their pictures automatically accessible to you on yours.

You can view and review the pictures whenever you wish. If you like a picture – save it. If you don’t – just let it be.

Yes, it’s that simple, that easy, that clever.
With Hapcam on your phone, your snap rituals will be:

– Instant
– Convenient
– Quick
– Efficient
– Conducive to your privacy
– Accessible to all those you wish to share with, irrespective of who to takes the pictures
– Fun – wait till you check out the details Meaningful

Sound good? All of this is just one click away.

Download Hapcam