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“Hapcam is a mobile picture sharing app that offers 2 camera modes for the fastest and most hassle-free picture sharing experience.

With the Event camera mode, get every picture clicked of you by your friends (and even their friends at the party), as soon as they are clicked. Yes, thats happening. Every picture you and your friends click are shared with each other instantly. No more asking or waiting for pictures or videos. Save the pictures you want anytime. Whats more? Pictures and videos you take of your friends are automatically shown to them, upon your approval of course. With the easy interface, all you do is CLICK then APPROVE. That’s all.

Want to click a picture but not share it with everyone at the party? Thats covered too. Simply swipe to Self mode and instantly share with one or many friends. With the Self camera mode, picture sharing is more fun, convenient and faster. Try uploading pictures from your camera roll, you'll never forget it.

Download Hapcam to experience the evolved and hassle-free way of picture and video sharing.”

“Snap Rituals are tedious rituals we follow every time with picture clicking and sharing. Its everything from how we click a picture, why we click it and how we share it.
Since August 2014, we at Hapcam have worked towards overcoming all snap rituals and finding a simple and most convenient solution for it.”


Waiting to receive your pictures is inevitable, whether its for 30 minutes or a few hours or days. That just means I’m perpetually late uploading my pictures on Instagram and Facebook.


The worst snap ritual of all time. Asking for your own pictures. It gets worse – who all to ask, how to ask a friend’s friend, when they tell you they’re busy and will send later. 


If many people are clicking your pictures, you are bound to lose a few. Then some aren’t shared because they don’t look so good in them. And, did you share your contact information with your friend’s friend who happened to click your pictures? No, ohh!!


Not being able to go out every time your friends are out. Happens right. Knowing exactly what they are upto is like winning half the battle. Become a viewer of everything your friends are upto with Hapcam. And, share a picture or more with them instantly to show how staying home is more fun